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you see what kinds of things were making with the 6kv-6c textile group

Knitting plans

While finishing the tryout piece you can think what kind of knitted work you want to make. Think do you want to make big work (Mittens, scarf..) or a small work (knitted ball, phone case, bunny…), or something between? Search … Lue loppuun

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Good morning 6kv and 6c! The zipper pouches are ready and today we start the new subject: Knitting

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More ready pouches! Lisää valmiita pusseja!

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First pouches are ready! Ensimmäiset vetoketjupussit ovat valmistuneet!

Hi, Here is a picture of the first ready ones! Tässä on kuva ensimmäisistä valmistuneista vetoketjupusseista!

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Good morning sewing machine! Hyvää huomenta ompelukone!

Today we continue the zipper pouches. Now the video is available also in Finnish, divided into three parts. English version is last on the row. Tänään jatketaan vetoketjupussien tekemistä. Nyt video on myös käännetty suomeksi ja jaettu kolmeen eri osaan. … Lue loppuun

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6th class is getting ready for the sewing! 6-luokkalaset ovat valmiita ompelemaan!

Hi, Yesterday 6th grade pupils cutted the fabrics and recalled how to use the sewing machines. Next time we start to sew the pouches. Here is a video about sewing the zipper pouche. It might help you. Eilen 6-luokkalaset leikkasivat … Lue loppuun

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6c-6kv and tape printing

New year and new 6th class textile group but same project: Tape printing and the zipper pouch!  Very cool fabrics, nice colors and design.  Everyone found the technique easy and fun.  Today we iron and cut the fabrics, choose the … Lue loppuun

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knitted works_ neulottuja töitä

Kuvissa 6kv- luokkalaisten ensimmäiset neuletyöt! The very first knitted works from 6kv in the pictures!!

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6 th grade knitting project it continued today. Knitting is a new technique to everyone and it takes lots of energy to learn it.  There has happen lots of learning and listening the music motivates many of the pupils. After … Lue loppuun

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6kv and the knitting practise

The new subject, knitting, have started. Now we are practising the basics. Idea is that after learning how to knit, everyone will do a small product with knitting. When you practise how to knit you learn many other skills too, … Lue loppuun

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